the official mixtape

Who doesn’t love fitteds? THE OFFICIAL MIX- DJ P SOL

neu_jack2_so_medium.jpg easthampton1_medium.jpg sas2_product_medium.jpg

If you don’t like fitteds this blog ain’t for you. If you can’t appreciate the perfection of a fitted lid or the drop of a perfect dime, I’m not sure we can be friends.

If you’re still with me, this mix was prepared by DJ P SOL for the Official Brand (, purveyors of some of the more Nutti-McGillicutty fitted hats hitting the streets these days. Gotta give it up to the thinking behind doing a promotional mixtape for a fitted hat company and this uptempo-genre crunking mix reps the boundless, cripsy, creativity going into mixes these days.

if you don’t know you better ask someone.



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