mix for long distance lovers

heath-ledger.jpg Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

So I wasn’t gonna do this because A) Everyone is and it’s kinda crazy to see people’s reaction to the passing of someone they only thought they knew and B) His movies just never were that good. Sorry, I said it.

But then I was in the shower scrubbing my ass (this is when I get 92% of my “great” ideas) and it hit me: man, it really sucks that this young man is no longer with us- for whatever reason. Maybe 4 people in this world will know what really happened but the truth is it’s terrible to think that it was an accident and it’s terrible to think that it was what he felt compelled to do.

This is a mix that I made for a girlfriend when we were living in different cities. It’s heavy on the Cat Power, TV on the Radio, Outkast tip and is melancholy and technically flawed but seems to be right for the day. YOU, YOU & YOU!



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