JR’s Northern Soul Mix (#1)


I thought soul patches were strictly a facial hair thing until this afternoon. My brain is blown.

slothcorporation (2:15:27 PM): what the hell is that?
nkysxxx (2:15:45 PM): say what??
slothcorporation (2:15:50 PM): the cover art
nkysxxx (2:17:16 PM): those are Northern Soul patches, homesqueeze
slothcorporation (2:17:35 PM): they have their own patches?
nkysxxx (2:18:00 PM): every show had its own patch as a souvenier
nkysxxx (2:18:06 PM): they still do
slothcorporation (2:19:44 PM): how do you know this stuff?
nkysxxx (2:20:13 PM): dude…i used to be a skinhead
slothcorporation (2:20:28 PM): aaahh…

This Northern Soul mix was put together by artist/DJ/poet laureate, JAMES REITANO. An animator/illustrator who grew up in Santa Cruz and now lives in Los Angeles, James is probably best known for his work with MADVILLIAN, although MM!!! really loves him because he is the dude who always cooks breakfast for all of his beat, hung-over “friends”. Sunday, 11am, his crib is the place to be.

Banana pancakes.

James is currently working on a GRAPHIC NOVEL for the GZA.





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