today is unlike any other – this is it’s mix.

This is what we love. People making mixes and sharing them with each other by any means necessary. This one was made by PEYMON MASHKAN, a music supervisor living in LA and an all around classy dude who also happens to look great in a purple v-neck.


1. “A-Punk” Vampire Weekend
2. “Going Down” White Williams
3. “Daddystitch” Ashrae Fax
4. “My Myopic Vision” Lazerstar
5. “Beatific” Glass Candy
6. “Wet ‘n Wild” K.I.M.
7. “Why Did You Reject My Steve Perry Fan Fiction?” Big Digits
8. “My Friend Richard” Muscles

This mix is exactly perfect for this moment and no other. Get it before it passes.



Filed under indiedance, rockbluesfolk

4 responses to “today is unlike any other – this is it’s mix.

  1. bananatree

    I’m at school but I’m amped to get home and dig through this blog. Mixtapes are my #1 fave. Keep up the good work.

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    Thanks! #1 faves are awesome.

  3. thanks for the shout! anyone who wants to subscribe to my mixes thru itunes, click the link above. i kiss u

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