mixes people sent us (#1)

wings-1-on-helipad.jpg 832453138_l.jpg BOOTY BASSMENT MIX

So I get this text from my friend Mo last week:

“In billionaires helicopter enroute to San Diego. I’m tripping out.”

Which was pretty funny, not only because he was in a helicopter to do a rush video edit for a high-school football team (true story) but also for the fact that I had seen Mo 12 hours earlier when he said he was done working for the “billionaire racist”. Helicopter rides can be persuasive.

The next morning I get this email:

Hello. I met Mo Twine earlier today and he told me about your blog. It looks good! I just thought I would send ya’ll a little mix me and my partner made last year. Here’s the link…

Apparently the billionaire was also kind enough to send a driver to pick Mo up from the helipad. They get to talking and it turns out that the driver, Dimitri, is a DJ. A BOOTY BASS DJ. This is his mix and it’s CRUNK. Makes us want to find the nearest stripper pole and make it rain dollar bills. Thanks Dimitri!!!




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3 responses to “mixes people sent us (#1)

  1. What a great story with a wild ending.

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