heart chocolates/brazilian funk

brazil_mini400311.jpg ctct21ohearts.jpg

So I was at a rave this weekend (I didn’t say it was a good idea) and apparently got laced by some heart-shaped shroom chocolate. Can’t say that I reccommend unknowingly tripping on psychedelics but if you eat items that are left out at a rave you should be prepared to get what’s coming to you.

Anyway, today is my birthday so I’m putting up one of my mixes. It’s a Latin Jazz/Funk mix, with a lot of Brazilian vibe thrown in for good measure, which I made while I was living in exile in the Valley. I was dating this really cute girl then. She liked raves. And chocolate. So somehow this all makes sense.

LISTEN!!! – NO MIXING REQUIRED (brazilian funk and latin jazz)


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  1. Fernando

    Happy Birthday Puto!

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