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The homie NOSTALGIA77 is on tour in Japan right now. We chatted for a second online yesterday which consisted of mostly me being jealous of him and my insistence that he head for the Meiji Temple in the middle of Harajuku. Some serious monk vibe in the middle of a consumer smorgasbord. Awesome.

Nostalgia made this mix to hand out while on tour so as far as I know this is the only place you can get it outside of Nippon. It’s a serious mix of jazzfunkandsoul with some cumbia’s and latin vibe thrown in for good measure. SERIOUSLY TIGHT MIX by the british dj/composer/friend of small animals phenom.

Wish I was touring.




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4 responses to “nostalgia77 nippon08

  1. thanks for the mix!
    yeah, reminds me of the night in Kyoto!
    (in japanese…sorry!)

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    Thanks for the link and for checkin us out! Great pictures of Nostaligia…I need to get me a sweater like that.

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