i kinda like you


Another savage mix from James Reitano, our resident heartbreaker and a world class cuddler to boot. Or so I’ve heard.

James has gone electro-nu wave for valentines day. Killer killer mix. If you can’t get laid using this mix then I suggest calling a hooker. Or your mom. Then cry yourself to sleep.


I Touch Roses –Book Of Love
Fade To Grey – Visage
Hold It- Tin Tin
Our Darkness- Anne Clark
PLanet Earth- Duran Duran
Leave In Silence- Depeche Mode
Pleasure Boys- Visage
Kiss Me- Tin Tin
Can-Can Can’t You See- Vicious Pink
Vanity Kills- ABC
A Man Could Get Arrested- Pet Shop Boys
Don’t You Want Me- Human League
Halloween Is Everyday- Ministry



Filed under indiedance, rockbluesfolk

3 responses to “i kinda like you

  1. mixtapesmixtapes

    purty much

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