the next best thing

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They ain’t got dollars but they got sense…

The BROKE FOLK CREW threw another love dagger into the hearts of Angelenos when they hosted DAEDELUS at their I LOVE LA night at La Cita in downtown.

Good times and bandanas were in full effect and although the limited edition kerchiefs are almost impossible to find we do have Daedelus’ mix from the night. A sophisticated blend of electro boogie, Italian disco and a PURPLE HAZE cover to boot, Daedelus put his stamp all over the eclectic, up-tempo party thrown by our favorite “we play for drink tickets” DJ Crew.

This is a MM!!! exclusive. Thanks Alfred!




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5 responses to “the next best thing

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  3. casserole

    Sorry. Great tunes no doubt. However the mixing is terrible! What was going on? Too much white lady???
    I’m surprised because the mixes on here are always nearly all top quality. This is hopefully a blip on an otherwise great site.
    Keep up the great work. You guys get me through the working day.
    Thanks once again.

  4. andrewc

    this rules. who gives a shit if the mixing is bad, track selection is way more important, IMO

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