to live and die in LA

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ZEN SEKIZAWA is my favorite LA DJ besides Felly Fell. Except Zen’s not a DJ but rather a very talented photographer. Her mom is a DJ. That’s another story altogether.

Rollin’ in Zen’s Volvo is always a pleasure. Not only does it have the highest safety standard in it’s class but homegirl is always BLAZING the freshest tracks in HIP-HOP AND R’N’B. No stripper pole is safe when that Volvo is hittin its switches.

After much deliberating and perhaps some coercion, here today I present to you one one Zen’s mega-mixes in all of it’s glory. Without further ado…




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8 responses to “to live and die in LA

  1. Fernando

    Zen makes me listen to Booty Bass…and i like it.

  2. anwannaymous

    zen’s mix makes me want to buy pink high heels and stick my butt in someone’s face

  3. J1

    Zen’s mix makes me want to write something, then hang out with ‘anwannaymous’.

  4. mixtapesmixtapes

    i would highly reccomend the use of a thong in addition to the pink high heels when listening to zen’s mix. my 2 cents

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