Remixtown, USA

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All you friggin hipsters probably have these remixes by now but on the off chance that you haven’t had the opportunity to hop off your FIXED GEAR and hook into the netz, here they are.

Really niiiice remixes/mashups of two of the better rock albums I’ve heard in a long while. Although I prefer the original albums, these mashups give you something to play at your IPOD DJ GIG while mugging for COBRASNAKE and maintaining your air of pessimism and indifference. So cool.



tracklistings and downloads of the individual tracks here and here



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6 responses to “Remixtown, USA

  1. anwannaymous

    OMG whatever. I so rocked that amplive album in my ipod when I dissed my valentine’s date like 2 whole weeks ago. Tell that hipster dude that emo-jihad is soooooo over and if he can get a real members only jacket on ebay, he can do better than going to urban outfitters to get himself a real keffiyeh. That guy was pooping hisself when the First Intifada was on mute and Louder Than Bombs was in his big brother’s walkman. Oh wait. Sorry I thought this was the Vice mag comment box. My bad.

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    i wish my valentine had been considerate enought as to play me the amplive album when she dissed me. ho.

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