the avalanches are really, really good

00389580.jpg avalanches.jpg

So apparently there was a big part of 2001 during which I was in a coma. How else do you explain that I was working at a record store and pretty much doing nothing but buying and listening to music…and yet still somehow managed to completely miss the AVALANCHES.

Well, now I know. The Avalanches will kick your face in. I haven’t heard their album yet but their mixtapes are more creative than most of the original music being put out right now. Take a look at this partial tracklist and try not to piss yourself:

Miles Davis – Unknown (-)
Manitoba – Kid You’ll Move Mountains (Leaf)
My Boody Valentine – Touched (Creation)
Sir Victor Uwaifo – Guitar Boy (Wrasse)
Cheap Trick – If You Want My Love (Epic)
Malcolm McLaren – World’s Famous (Charisma)
Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby (Casablanca)
Miss Thing – Get Your Money (-)
The Jackson Sisters – I Believe In Miracles (Motown)
Clipse – When The Last Time (Acapella) (Arista)

Cheap trick and Miles Davis??!?!! This mix means business.




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