vote the funky president in ’08

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J ROCC fun fact #78: Dude is one of LA’s most prolific videographers. No joke, he is always carrying a camera. And that camera is always recording…it might be hanging at a funky angle but it’s recording, that is for sure.

When not tending to his career as a budding director J Rocc is also one of the most consistent and innovative DJ’s in music right now. He’s been running things since the early 90’s when his World Famous Beat Junkies crew were pioneering the art of TURNTABLISM and is now Stones Throw’s resident hype man and party DJ. No matter how many times I see J Rocc perform he always brings something fresh to the table. Style for days.

This is a mix that he just put together for BLUE NOTE RECORDS. Don’t be afraid to get hyped as J Rocc flips some classic jazz tracks that you might have only known as an 8 bar loop. From our perspective, getting hyped is good.

To get to the next level please double-click this link:




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