and we’re back…

Last week was filled with highs and lows. First we had our best week ever, which was powered by the momentum of KUTMASTA KURT’S 1994 NYE TAPE and ZEN SEKIZAWA’S IN DA CLUB MIX. Only to follow it up a very disappointing six day stretch when the music links went down and the site was unoperational. Trust us, it hurts us more that it hurts you. F’reals.

Well we are are big believers in making a strong comeback here at MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!! so this week we’re doing it large. We’re gonna be pulling out all the stops so try to keep up with us.

BIG SHOUTS to SAD MIND and for their big big big help in our time of chrisis and a big FUCK YOU VERY MUCH to the people at hosting service for sending my calls to New Delhi for tech support when all I needed was was a little love. We have strict policy against wackness around here so I shall be canceling my account accordingly.

Now, on with the show…


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