get sweded!!!

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I dated this girl who spent some time in Sweden. She couldn’t stop talking about it. How great it was. How amazing the people were. The progressive thinking. To me it sounded like a cold dark place that the sun didn’t visit a lot. Of course people are going to be nice to each other. You would to if you spent the majority of your time locked indoors with zero human interaction and little hope of sunshine.

Well, like most things in that relationship, it looks like I was wrong and she was right. Because if THE ENVELOPES are any indication, the new ish is happening in SWEDEN. Sure it’s cold and crappy but if you’re gonna mash together music like they do on this mix who cares. Maybe we should all move to places that are cold and crappy. That’s probably the answer to world peace. Or the cure to the common cold.





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2 responses to “get sweded!!!

  1. Max Twine

    My buddy Schaef is all about Jens Lekman–another Swede.

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    Damn swedes are everywhere!

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