SXSW DAY 2: chirstmas comes early in texas

playboy_bunnies.jpg 07_justice_lg.jpg

So we were at the SXSW PLAYBOY PARTY last night. Things got hectic. We were tired. And even though we had an interview lined up with JUSTICE, we were ready to give up and go to sleep. But, you know, SXSW shoves fun down your throat. There’s no option but to suck it up.

So after a few (complimentary) vodka sodas, the MM!!! crew started to get their fourth wind and we actually started to get amped to hear MGMT and of course, Justice. So as we’re rolling through the crowd drinking our dranks, we get pulled aside by a photographer for VANITY FAIR. She asks us if she can take our pictures with a couple of the playmates. Uh, yes. Yes, you can.

Yes, we live the dream here at MM!!!. And no, we never got our interview with Justice. Ask me if I care…

Here’s a mix that Justice put out last Christmas. It’s a nice blend of italian disco and pop jams done in that super hipster style that only the french can provide. Been looking for an excuse to post it, so here it is…




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5 responses to “SXSW DAY 2: chirstmas comes early in texas

  1. pjhardly

    Filter teamed with LOOPT so we can track all of their crazy Austin whereabouts.

    I saw all the SXSW shows that they hit last night, Playboy party looked crazy, Pete Townsend was there really??

  2. Fernando

    MIXTAPE is the new Gonzo Journalism!

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