SXSW and the new gonzo

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SXSW: it’s all about give and take. I missed Cube and the Clipse but got to hangout with Playmates; fair trade. And, really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some things work out and others don’t but you can’t sweat it…things work out exactly as they are supposed to. As a great philosopher once said: BE THE BALL.

Big love out to Brandon Holley for giving us a place to pass out, to Petecia for making sure our arrival was smooth, Alex Marvar for the picture and the coffee, The Watson Twins for taking the time and Dustin Sussman for making it all happen. Some highlights and miscues:


  • Chillin with Kid Sister and talkin government cheeze
  • Hugging it out with Willie Nelson
  • Vanity Fair asking us to pose with Playmates (like duh!)
  • No Age performing on a bridge over Lake Austin for 2000 kids at 3am
  • Discussing vegan tacos with Moby
  • Talking politics with the Wombats
  • Exchanging head nods with Ice Cube as he drove by on 22’s
  • Not paying for a single show or drink but always ending up backstage where the drinks are free

Didn’t quite make it:

  • See Ice Cube perform
  • See the clipse perform
  • Interview Justice
  • See Diplo, Santo Gold and 2 live crew

I’m on indie overload for a little bit so since I didn’t get to catch Diplo I am going deep into the mixtape archive and bust out one of his first mixtapes for y’all. I need a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep me going while I edit all these interviews from SXSW. This mix may be just the thing…


(keep an eye out for our SXSW video coverage in the next couple days)


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  1. sussbomb

    be the ball.

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