natalie portman saves the world

14.jpg natalie-portman.jpg

Let’s face it. Natalie Portman, as an actress, peaked in the Professional. Look at her work after that: Star Wars, V…Garden State. WTF? Not really Oscar caliber stuff here.

Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t cast her in a hot second because, in case you haven’t noticed, Natalie Portman is super hot. Furthermore, she’s hot with or without hair, isn’t afraid to party and has aspirations of saving the world. What’s not to like? But when it get’s down to her chops, guys, I’m sorry but THE PROFESSIONAL is the best she’s got. It’s a fact.

Natalie Portman also likes music. And it seems that her taste is actually alright. This is previously unreleased track by BEIRUT that appears on Natalie’s (we need to come up with a nickname for her) celebrity playlist (aka mixtape) for her FINCA music project. I’m all about saving the world…as long as you come home and make me dinner. Holler!


The full mix is available at the iTunes store. I may be a bastard but I’m all about the kiddies. Support a good cause and check it out.



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4 responses to “natalie portman saves the world

  1. SARA

    YES DUDE! YESSSSS!!! This is the jam. I love mixtape mixtape.

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    MM!!! loves YOU!

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  4. ptrx

    ahahaha YES! what Sara said…

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