around the world like you never left

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You know I got heads in the South Africa.

Funny thing is, they’re just like my friends back home. DJ RAIKO is that dude everyone has in their crew that is laughing uncontrollably one second and the next second is in the middle of a fist fight. And we’re talking South African style, ya heard? STOMP YOU IN THE FACE (just like home).

When Raiko’s not stomping fools he’s pretty much smoking blunts and doing the thing in Johannesburg, SA: aka JOSI or the JHB. People say that Josi is one of the craziest and most violent cities on the planet. To me it kind of looked like the Valley. But whatever, they got dope music and good people (just like home).

This partial tracklist to Raiko’s 3am mix says it best:

01 Common_ Misunderstood
02 Damola_ Dig it
03 Lootpack_ Hityawitdat
04 Blu & Exile_ Dancing in the Rain
05 Jay Dee_ Circus
06 Scienz of Life_ Banana’s!
07 Zero 7_ Somersault(Dangerdoom rmx)
08 Ohmega Watts_ Model Citizen
09 De La Soul_ Stakes is High(dj Spinna rmx)

Yep, they got taste down there in JOSI, SA. Watch for track two DIG IT by Damola…local SA talent.

Yep, pretty much…




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3 responses to “around the world like you never left

  1. Raiko

    I stumbled upon this by accident! Have we met before?

    Thanks for the words, i think…


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  3. Raiko

    Late night mix with music from:

    Common, Damola, Lootpack, Blu & Exile, Jay Dee, Scienz of Life, Zero 7, Ohmega Watts, De La Soul,Belief, HBMS, BeatLess, Leftfield, Ghostface, Wu-Tang, Tumi, Count Bass D, C-Ray Walz, Qwazaar, Dudley Perkins, Stephen Marley, Motion Man, Smif n Wessun, Juggaknots, Dj Krush and RJD2

    (2008) GOOSE BUMP

    get it here:

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