the mothership never left

mothership.jpg l_6670f7708b626110be97adde58abdeef.jpg

Thirty-five years ago the mothership landed and gave us the likes of GEORGE CLINTON, BOOTSY COLLINS and MACEO PARKER in an attempt to bridge earth with the music of the intergalatic realms. They were successful but perhaps their music and message were too advanced for us humans. Funk and love soon went out of vogue.

Luckliy for us the mothership left one of her own here to carry on the message. Enter DAM FUNK, wizard of Leimert park, captain of the Funkmosphere team and disciple of all things BOOGIE FUNK.

This mix is a complete blast off into the boogie funk world. Smooth like George Gervin, yet funky like AC Green’s jericurl, this mix will set the mood right every time. It’s like an alien love machine that’s stuck on super sexy mode. Resistence is futile. ALIEN…LOVE…MACHINE…


You can catch Dam every monday night at FUNKMOSPHERE in West LA.



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