fern vs. pigeon assassins

177843834_l.jpg pigeon-thumb-450x300.jpg

ECHO BASE, aka mixtapemixtape!!! senior offices, was invaded by pigeons yesterday. No joke. They’ve been living in the walls of the crib for some time but they finally made their triumphant push past our defenses and into the office.

Luckily for me, Fern (my roommate) and Wu-Tang (the cat) were quick to react to the situation. Well, Wu-Tang was quick. It took Fern a little while to snatch up his pigeon but he did so with a BED, BATH AND BEYOND bag wrapped around his hand. You gotta be careful of that bird flu.

This is a mix Fern made. He’s been bugging me to post it for a second but now that he hath saved my ass from the pigeon assassins sent here to kill us I really have no choice. Fernando is a talented writer, photographer and cinematographer (not to mention mashup artist). You’ve probably seen his work on commercials for these things they call IPHONES.

This is also good because I didn’t want to listen to a lot of hip hop today. Peep the intro music from MIRANDA JULY’S movie. My man is sic.




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4 responses to “fern vs. pigeon assassins

  1. hac

    yea i know all about pigeons…they fly into the loft, circle and leave. i am pretty sure one never made it out, never found a body though….


    those pigeons were kinda touched (aka retarded)
    flying into the wall..
    shit got real.

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