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You see that link to the right? The one that says “SEND US A MIX“? Little guy has been pretty lonely as of late. Till now. Sorta.

got this email last week:

your dude ptrx said i should hit yall up…i do monthly mixtapes on myspace..can i put this email on my monthly list? here’s the one for march (it’s two sides, bigger than normal) – Ian Head

Two things about this stick out to me. First, PTRX, no matter what, even if he pisses on my floor like he has been known to do, always has my back. And two…I’m feelin DJ IAN HEAD‘s vibe. Homie got me with the first track (Tribe’s Excursions) and held me to the last track (sic ukulele remix). Check the fresh Clipse remix thrown in for good measure. Ian Head is not playing.

This is why we put this site up. This is why we love music/mixtapes. This is why we love you.

LISTEN!!! – DJ IAN HEAD’S 30 for 30 MARCH MIXTAPE (side A)

Go HERE for side B and cover art. Thanks Ian!!!



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2 responses to “THE 30/30 MIXTAPE (MPSU #2)

  1. Ptrx

    Fo life!!
    (oh shix, next time it’s the taze!? I gotta be more careful where i black out henceforth)

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