throw those W’s up

gza_rza_gr.jpg wsbw.jpg

So GZA performed 36 CHAMBERS in it’s entirety, live at the El Rey in Los Angeles over the weekend. Sounds really cool except I wasn’t there. THE KONE went, but of course homey didn’t get me a ticket. Buster.

But wait- don’t cry for me blogosphere. I spent the weekend at a Mansion Ranch in Santa Barbara. We’re talking private lakes here. We’re talking private lakes stocked with 10 kinds of fish for your fishing pleasure. More on that later.

By all accounts GZA ripped it with Method Man and Killah Priest in support. Our homies at has some pics and video for y’all (as well as taking care of all your fixed gear needs). All of this just to post a little heard, jem of a live session featuring WUTANG with part-time backing band EL MICHAELS AFFAIR. If you haven’t heard their version of C.R.E.A.M. yet then you been slippin.



UPDATE:  GZA performed LIQUID SWORDS…not 36 CHAMBERS.  Yeah, makes me even more jealous.  Thanks tech3b!



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5 responses to “throw those W’s up

  1. BIG Sara aka french vanilla

    loved hearing C.R.E.A.M. live.

  2. pssst. “liquid swords.” i wish he did 36 chambers too!

  3. I saw him in SD. 90 min wait. No Method Man or Killah priest =\

  4. I’m seeing a LOT more fixed gear bikes around here. Example, I just went to a Matt and Kim show (they suck btw) and there had to be at least 10 fixies parked outside.

    • mixtapesmixtapes

      Hey man, thanks for the shout out…why do matt and kim suck?!?! They have one of the funnest live show vibes I’ve seen in a while. I wasn’t at the LA show though…it was wack?

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