real talk

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James Reitano is the shit. I know I’ve said this several times in this exact same space but it’s true. And I’m not just saying that because his girlfriend wants to hook me up with her hot friend (true story). Although that is pretty cool. I’m saying this because he is a man of the people. A man who knows what we want. An artist, a scholar and a gentleman.

Well, maybe he’s not a scholar or a gentleman but he is a ridiculous artist who constantly blows my mind. He is currently 75 pages deep of a 100 page graphic novel for GZA. A graphic novel that James wrote, drew and inked himself. That’s REAL TALK.

But he also knows what I want to hear. Needed to take a little break from ye ole hip hop and lo and behold James posts a Rockabilly/Punk Mix. Is there anything this man can’t do? Now if he can just get this girl to holler at me…



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