wanna find god tonight?

andysmith_low-res.jpg andysmith_low-res.jpg

PORTISHEAD. Who doesn’t love Portishead? Maybe the anti-christ, Dick Cheney and Mr. Burns and that’s it. Because Portishead rocks and that’s fact.

One of the reason’s they rock so hard is their tour DJ, Andy Smith. To this day the best live show I have ever seen in person is Portishead, in the pouring rain, in the middle of a field at the Glastonbury Festival in England. That was 1998 so I don’t remember much other than lots of rain, Beth Gibbon’s voice and Andy Smith’s skills. It’s rare that a band sounds better live than on their studio album but that’s what happened. That’s Portishead.

Anyway, Portishead is playing Coachella this year. I’ve never been to Indio but I think this may be the year. Who’s got an extra ticket? I can pay you back like next week.


Portishead’s new album, THIRD, drops April 28th


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