we’re international baby! (MPSU #3)

The first inkling that we might be doing things right over here at MM!!! came when we posted that KUTMASTA KURT TAPE circa 1994. The hits came fast and furious but we never anticipated traffic from countries where we didn’t recoginize the language. It ain’t easy being international superstars.

But now things are starting to work and my mom isn’t the only one that thinks we’re doing good. Last week we got sent a mix…from Australia. All we needed to see was the first couple tracks of the tracklisting they sent us and knew these LA MODE DJ’s were on some ish.

They start the mix with a sample from the SIMPSONS and then go into an electro track that I’ve been looking for everywhere and eventually had to order off the web…from Australia.

This mix is suitable for those times when you need to make your ass move. Not to be handled by amateurs.



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