move to spain, become a superstar

If you know what’s good for you you’ll drop what you’re doing, move to Seville, Spain and become a DJ. Because honestly, the club music here is NO BUENO.

They have everything else: cheap beer, great food and retardedly beautiful people from end to end. But if I have to listen to another cheezy pop techno remix I’m going to stab someone in the ear. Move now with a decent record collection and become a superstar. (MM!!! gets 20%)

One DJ who got the memo is PREFUSE 73. Born in the ATL to a Spanish father, Prefuse moved to Barcelona a few years back to live the good life. Of course the difference is that Prefuse has ridiculous skills and quality albums to back it up. This mix is from a live set performed in TOKYO and features MM!!! faves CLIPSE, MF DOOM and JAYLIB. OLE!!!




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3 responses to “move to spain, become a superstar

  1. sussbomb

    i am in.

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