So I left my job a few weeks ago. I tried to get a severance by asking them to lay me off but they didn’t really go for that. So I quit and went to SXSW. I think it was the smart move.

It was a pretty good job with some great people but when it got moved to Santa Monica the writing was on the wall. MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!! don’t commute. It’s against the rules.

For now, I’m rollin with DAY CREW; a  collection of designers, artists, directors and producers who are either self-employed or unemployed, which is basically everyone I know. It’s like an extended FERRIS BUEHLER SCENE.

Which is also awesome because Day Crew has great musical tastes and is helping me out big time with the blog. This week’s contribution comes from BIG SARA who hit me with this BENZI AND DIPLO mix that I shall reproduce for you here, now.




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