join MM!!!; fulfill all wanton desires

It’s been a crazy month. We quit our job, went to SXSW, returned to LA for a week, jump-started some new hustles and then were out to Spain. Never thought we would hug Willie Nelson and dance the flamenco in the same month.

All of this productivity has made us think it’s time to expand the MM!!! EMPIRE. We’re looking for FEISTY ORIGINAL WRITERS LACKING INTEGRITY so that we can give my roommate’s cat a break once in a while. Old girl can only do so much.

So if you’re into music, believe in magic and have something to say then hit us up. EMAIL:

SHOUT TO: Ian Head (brklyn, ny) whose new mix is in steady rotation here at the MM!! senior offices. Ian sent us a hip hop mix last month but his most recent mix takes us to a completely different place. St. Germain mixed with some Tony Allen afrobeat??!!? Yep, that’s whatsup.


Sign up for his monthly mix series HERE.


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