…the thing about Day Crew

The thing about being Day Crew is that you spend a shit load of time at home. There are positives to this: when people ask “Are you home?”, the answer is always, “Yes.” UPS. FedEx. I’m there to sign for the whole neighborhood.

BUT being home all the time can be a real drag too and I often have to find reasons to leave the house. It’s eerily similar to those years in college when I was sorta just living there and had stopped going to class altogether — it’s not unusual to make store runs for Nerds Rope.

If by chance I do have to work it’s usually hard to get stuff done in my apartment where there’s a pervasive culture of napping, so to get the blood flowing, I throw sick solo dance parties in my living room and play a mix by Adam Freeland. His shit bumps like the Glass House in ’98.

LISTEN!!! – Adam Freeland K-Swing September Mix


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One response to “…the thing about Day Crew

  1. raj

    I’ve been running day crew status for some months now and i do concur. Solo dance parties are a good motivational tool.

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