lotsa lotsa stuff

Lotsa stuff going on this weekend…lotsa, lotsa stuff. Will you be cool enough? Will you make it to the right affair with the right people while wearing the right clothes? We hope so. We really do.

We’d like to take a second to do a couple shameless plugs for some local events this weekend. Everyone one is on top of Prince, Portishead, Coachella, 100 degree heat and lines as far as the eye can see.

But in case you prefer something more civilized MM!!! is hyping personal fave PSOL at Broke Folk Fridays. And on Saturday night it’s a JB tribute at the Echo with JROCC, the Breakastra and James Gadson. Have fun in the desert.

Here’s a JROCC mix that he did for SUPREME NYC. Some krispy breaks and sun soaked jazz perfect for the weekend. Keep it flossy, yours truly, MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!!




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4 responses to “lotsa lotsa stuff

  1. J1

    Heater-ish! as the kids say nowadays!

  2. Can you remember the Halloween kids show that the vocal sample in the Jrocc mix is from?

    “Hey You, Don’t watch that, watch this”

    It’s killing me.

  3. J1

    I was thinking that ‘Hey You’ was from ‘One Step Beyond’ by madness:

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