it’s a celebration!!! (MPSU #4)

It’s MAY DAY today in England which means crazy stuff is going down. May Day celebrates the first day of summer and the one time I was there for the holiday I witnessed a group of girls parading a paper mache cow and throwing flowers at it’s feet. At six in the morning. That is not a joke.

In honor of this great holiday we’re bumping a heated mix sent to us from the MOTHERLAND. The NO FAKIN DJ’S are a crew out of Liverpool who, by the sounds of it, put on a show like no other.

And their mix does not disappoint. A deft blend of hip-hop with love from PETER GABRIEL, DOUG E FRESH and BOB MARLEY this is one of the tightest mixes we’ve been sent yet. Within the first 30 seconds my roommate’s cat was bobbing her head with the music. She never does that. RESPECT!!!



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One response to “it’s a celebration!!! (MPSU #4)

  1. Gotta get these guys on our stage.
    BiG uPS

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