the secret lives of friends

Not sure what it is about my India obsession right now but I’m riding it. I’m a sucker for a good curry. Damn, is that racist?

FROSTY of the Dublab Soundsystem is hearing me though and luckily we’re just in time to shamelessly plug the DUBLAB PROTON DRIVE fund raiser. You gotta give it up to a crew that promotes positivity and has never sold out in 10 years of operation. I’m sure the opportunity to cash in has been there but luckily for us these cats have integrity; a rare thing these days.

But I digress. Indian music. Love it and so does Frosty. The interesting thing about this mix is that all the records were compiled when Frosty was asked to smuggle wigs into India for the movie The Darjeeling Limited. Yeah. Not only did homie get to go digging for records in India but he also got to tell people that he was there smuggling hairpieces. These are the lives my friends lead. Player.




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