a cry for help

i’m having a bad week. i sleep on a bare mattress because i can’t motivate to put sheets on my bed. actually, they’re on my bed, but they’re balled up in the corner with my laundry. maybe i need to get laid. how much does that cost? i should ask my girlfriend.

i’m lying about having a girlfriend. i might be depressed. maybe i should get married. can i find a girl who doesn’t care that i might be depressed and sleep without sheets? maybe i’ll woo her with this mixtape from the Beta Band.

Listen!!! – Breezeblock Mix by the Beta Band



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6 responses to “a cry for help

  1. J1

    Wooah, brother. That mix was so depressing, the link doesn’t even work!

  2. mtwine

    it works now…

  3. mixtapesmixtapes

    uh, mo?

  4. fernando

    dang son you need a hug.
    starting to sound like me.

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