initiative initiative initiative

If there’s one thing we value more than a good mix or a provocative LOL CAT here at the MM!!! it would be initiative. Initiative makes the world go round. If Ben Franklin hadn’t flown that kite and electrocuted himself where would we be? Certainly without electricity, computers, the internets or lol cats. See what I mean? Dark Ages.

So when my homegirl SARA told me that we should include TRACKLISTINGS to the mixes we feature on the blog I nodded and smiled and promptly forgot. Thankfully, she didn’t. And when it came time for her to give me her mix you can be sure that a tracklist was attached. Not only that, she gave me two mixes. Uh, huh… initiative.

Sara has proven to have loads of the stuff as can be witnessed in the now infamous ADICOLOR viral campaign which she produced and curated. Creative enabler, day crew founder and my own personal psycho-therapist, Sara also has great taste in music to boot. Take some initiative and click the link below to see for yourself.




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5 responses to “initiative initiative initiative

  1. Ptrx

    sick mixes! Yeah Seifer has always been known as the master initiator…girl hustles and got style what’s not to love

  2. fernando

    the new grizzly bear jam at the start has been on non stop repeat for me
    beyond good.

  3. mixtapesmixtapes

    so so gloomy

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