guess we gotta stop hatin

It’s no secret that we’re pretty much ANTI-SERATO around here at MM!!!. We’re something of DJ snobs; record purists some might say. I guess that’s what happens when you work at a record store for a chunk of your life. You become an elitist. Ameoba employees: case in point.

But maybe we’re slowly coming around. The Kone broke down a few months ago and bought THE BOX and now he can ride his bike to gigs. That’s serious upside. And he still rocks. So there.

Also, there is a ton of good music/remixes coming out that has Serato written all over it. Mashups are being taken to the next level and in the process making me a believer. An album of JAY Z over FELA beats? A wet dream a couple years ago. Today…reality. Get ready to have your wig blown.




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6 responses to “guess we gotta stop hatin

  1. yeah, keep that mostly anti-serato vibe goin! (except when it comes to my new mix, lol) i had to give in myself recently but we gotta keep these rekkids alive, for real.

  2. mixtapesmixtapes


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  5. Thank you , i like it.

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