both trash and treasure

So I’ve been going through a bunch of boxes that I’ve been carrying around with me for the last seven years. Seven years of acquired media; old burnt CD’s, VHS dubs and media DVD’s. The kind of stuff anyone who has been in the media game tends to have. And you know what? It’s disgusting. Where the hell is all this stuff gonna go? Can I build some sort of CD BOMB SHELTER? Let’s draw up some plans.

The trade off is that I have found some good stuff too. Old letters from mentors and girlfriends. Mementos from work that I have done in the past. And of course: mixes.

This is a mix I found among the clutter. Put out by PORTISHEAD as part of a rare promo pack in 1997, this is one of my all time favorite mixes which is something I do not say lightly. Starts with THE DAMAJA and continues through to THE BEATLES. Classic ish worth wading through the waste for. But honestly, we need to figure this out.




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5 responses to “both trash and treasure

  1. Matt

    Woah, thats an awesome mix. any ideas who is singing sittin on the dock of the bay?

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  3. Chaz

    This sounds a LOT like a rough version of what ended up on DJ Andy Smith’s “The Document” mix.

  4. mixtapesmixtapes

    haven’t heard THE DOCUMENT but makes sense to me. got a link?

  5. Chaz

    it was commercially released- I remember (vaguely) Document II being lackluster and I had no idea that there was a Document III.

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