the universe feels us (MPSU #5)

Here at MM!!! we are firm believers that you get out of the universe whatever you put into it. Radiate love and love comes back. Maybe not in the form that you want or expect but definitely in some way your energy is reciprocated.

Ok, so we’re HIPPIES…busted. But you can only experience things so many times before recognizing the pattern. You can either ignore it or you can embrace it. And around here we enjoy hugs. Especially naked ones. With hot chicks. And PEANUT BUTTER.

So it’s funny that I really wanted to listen to an ambient mix and check out one of the latest mixes sent to us and it is exactly what I’m looking for. DJINTI is feeling our vibe and sent us the antidote to our chill-out cravings. A mix inspired by “fuzzy robots, barbecues and beaches”, Djinti’s latest has restored our faith in the universe and perhaps it will do the same for you.  Feel me.




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4 responses to “the universe feels us (MPSU #5)

  1. thanks, you peoples.
    i sooops appreciate the love.
    and guess what?…..? right back atcha kid.

    <3’s <3’s and mooooooor <3’s

    love, djinti
    OX O Xo OX Ox oO X

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    right back at you lova

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