third hands, third ears, third feets

GOOGLE is rad. Last year, I won a free pair of tickets to an RJD2 show from Flavorpill LA’s website and all I had to do was answer the question, “What is the ‘Third Hand’ RJD2 is referring to in the title of his new CD?” So you know, I Googled it and instantly found out that it was the listener’s hand; the hand picking up the CD. RJD2 here I come.

This is the first of three times I won tix from Flavorpill. The next time was tix for some band called The Mother’s Hips. Which brings me to this pop culture question: Which 3 TV moms have the BEST HIPS? Answer: PEG BUNDY, PEG BUNDY AND PEG BUNDY.

Show at Henry Fonda was off the hook. RJD2’s one of the great masters of sampling but he had his live band playing his songs w/him and the set peaked w/my THIRD FEET bumping to Ghostwriter. Hopefully your third ears enjoy this RJD2 mix from ’03 just as much.




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3 responses to “third hands, third ears, third feets

  1. ck9o9

    yeah man, peg bundy… 555-1212

    a red head, but not associated with ginger kids.

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    love them redheads

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