back at the chicken shack

It’s been 12 days of non-stop purging and I’m still cleaning out my crib. I guess that’s what happens when you pack rat everything away for seven years; it’s been like the SUPERBOWL of spring cleaning.

I did unearth another mix among the piles and piles of wackness that I have seemingly accumulated during the last several years. This SUPER GREASY FUNK MIX was recorded live at the now defunct Chicken Shack club in Brighton, England and only a handful of CD’s were ever pressed. This is around 2001, which is just about the last time I cleaned up my crib. See you in another seven years.

This rare live recording features mixes from QUANTIC, NOSTALGIA77 and NATURAL SELF; pretty much the DREAM TEAM of South Coast Funk and Soul producers in England. Get your dancing shoes out because things are about to get real heavy, real quick.  CERTIFIED SUMMER HEAT.




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4 responses to “back at the chicken shack

  1. Ptrx

    Yo you do realize that you’ve created an invaluable public service by developing this site, right? I mean, this has become my main source; I don’t even have to resort to piracy anymore. You best be getting paid for this ish. I for one don’t remember what the world was like before mixtapemixtape existed. Big as the internets kid!

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    we’re happy to be of service

  3. JP

    this mix is dope… on, I heard there’s some place that serves chicken down Crenshaw or somewhere like that south of the 10 and they got live jazz, too. want to check it out.

    4.5 outta 5 yelp stars. ready.

    Babe’s & Ricky’s Inn

    Neighborhood: Jefferson Park
    4339 Leimert Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90008

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