equal and opposite

Almost didn’t post a mix today but then was like “Yo, it’s Monday…if there’s any day that the peoples need music it’s today.” So here we are.

One of the side effects of me doing this blog has been an increase of time on ‘Ye Olde Internets. Mostly this is a good thing as I’ve educated myself on free energy, new music and healthier eating. But for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction-that’s Newton son!-and sometimes you have to wonder about the direction we are moving in as a collective peoples. Here, here and here.

Newton’s law applies to mixes as well. For every good one there is a equally and opposite crap one and it has become my life to try and filter through them. Luckily, there are people like IRON LEG who make what I do easier. This is a mix from his blog and it’s exactly what I want to listen to RIGHT NOW. I’ve kinda been on a oldies soul kick. It’d be cool if you came with.




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  1. thanks for thinking of us corporate whores on a Monday…

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