We’ve never been above shameless promotion around here at MM!!!. Especially when hot pants are involved. Tonight THE BROKE FOLK SOUNDSYSTEM host the First Annual Booty Bass Battle of the Sexes in Downtown Los Angeles. Get your thongs ready boys and girls it’s gonna get a little grimey. Maybe a lot grimey.

In the Blue Corner, MM!!! fave: THE BOOTY BASSMENT DJ’S outta San Diego. And in the Pink Corner reppin’ Los Scandalous: booty bass vixens DJ SARA T and BIANCA OBLIVION. This is gonna be a knock down, drag out battle to the death so if you’re in LA County you best be making it to LA CITA for this historic night.

To help to get the blood flowin to your posterior we give you Ms. Oblivion’s latest mix. If this doesn’t do it for you it’s quite possible that you are dead. Which would kinda suck.



Damn. The BUN B/RICH BOY Paper Planes remix is fire.



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4 responses to “shameless…naaaahhh

  1. whhhaaaa?!?! no way, this is some MAD LOVE right here. I’m quite honored to be posted among some seriously legit mixes…thanks for the post and I can’t wait to break it down live tonight! xoxo

  2. P.S. i had an incomplete artist name for track 11, it should be:
    Diplo/Pantera Os Danadinhos — Percão


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