trill to the end

You know what’s been killing me lately? All this crazy corporate cross promotion that’s been going on. When I’m watching THE LAKERS game I don’t wanna see a friggin SPEED RACER intro to the game or my man Charles Barkley shillin for T-MOBILE. Makes my retina’s wanna vomit.

Which is why it was crazy to me to find this RAPID RIC/BUN B/KILLA KYLEON mix from a couple years back called What it Dew 2 and sporting Mountain Dew colors and graphics. I’m just hoping that they got some skrill out of the deal. C’mon Bun, I know you voice for the people’s.

But good music trumps all and this southern styled mix is definitely that. You get a heavy dosage of Bun and Kyleon along with a healthy helping of underground Texas rappers making this mix as smooth as sizzurp on a hot day in the south. Making me thursty.




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2 responses to “trill to the end

  1. i remember that mix. if you want some free mixtapes come by and download all you want. it is updated daily. link us if you want.

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