central coast world premier

James Reitano has supported MM!!! as a selector, creative adviser and archivist from the beginning. We asked him to share his thoughts on his latest contribution and his response was 100% Reitano: thoughtful, funny and self deprecating. Here are his notes on this never before released mix:

AHhhh..classic stuff. Also, here’s the flyer I made for this show (my first print job!) Super ghetto. Anyways, here’s my spiel:

This is a live recording/simulcast from a CARSHOW/PARTY in 1987. It features Bubba G Scotch, who for us on the central coast brought Hip Hop to our radios (as well as Afrika Bamabaataa in 1984!!) and got us involved in Zulu Nation, and Kutmasta Kurt, who by then had his own radio show on a local station and had just accumulated his own MC’s, the Zoo Crew, who you can hear on this mix.

Remember, this is ’87, which was the doldrums of Hi-Enrg disco at the time, which you’ll hear/endure (depending on your perspective) for the first 20 minutes or so on this tape.



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2 responses to “central coast world premier

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  2. Prim (mc. rock)

    Wow my homely Bubba G. When I was in the army I used to mc with him in Santa Cruz . I was from New York and he was my man from California.1984 & 1985

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