bangers and mash

Mashups can be fun. When I heard Z-Trip play his Uneasy Set at Coachella, I was blown away. Take an 80s rock hit and mush it up with a later-in-the-80s rap hit? Dopely.

Then I heard a bunch of the Go Home Productions singles. Ngaiii. When I read about Girl Talk’s “Night Ripper” mix on Pitchfork I mail ordered the cd the same day. Dopelier. And now here we are, w/ Ludachrist’s “Bangfest”. Two dnb artists, reppin each coast, give you dopeliest. Believe me.

Knick of Evol Intent (Los Angeles) and Ewun (Rochester, NY) kill it w/ this studio mix. Did I st-st-stutter, St-St-Stanley? Well, the mix did.



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