down with the king

We’re in Soul Cal, it’s summertime and the homie Kone just got his Cadillac back on the street. This is the mix to match: Diggin Ice by DJ Muro (AKA THE KING OF DIGGIN).

My introduction to BREAKS was actually a mysterious mixtape labeled DJ MURO when I was in high school. I knew about sampling but it was listening to that tape that I had the epiphany every DIGGER has…damn, there are entire songs attached to those 4 bar samples. Suddenly the world looked different. I needed to find those records. It was pretty much like crack.

When I got the chance to see Muro play while in Tokyo with Shadow and Cut, the man exceeded my boundless expectations. I was filming him when he dropped a drum exploding, bass heavy cut. I asked Muro’s protege about the track he told me it was The King’s own production. The next day I went to Muro’s store to find the cut and when they didn’t have it he handed me a copy out of his personal stash. Now that’s a King.




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