staight outta chocolate?

Hanging out in bars is funny. You meet all these people but never really get to know anyone. And then one day you get down to some real talk and you learn things about someone you thought you knew and get your wig blown.

That’s how it was with my homegirl Kate. I’ve known her for a little while now and knew her to be good peoples and a dope DJ with a deep, deep knowledge of records. The first time we met I asked her about her set and she started naming off records and I knew none of them. I worked at a record store for 5 years, so yeah, my ego took a hit. I was impressed.

And then, to top it all off, the next time I saw her she whipped out her ipod and started showing me pictures of these cakes she makes. CHOCOLATE CAKE/SCUPLTURES of classic album covers.

Real talk.





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7 responses to “staight outta chocolate?

  1. Chaz

    what do I have to do to get the tracklist?

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    oops…should be fixed now

  3. This is awesome. Kate is awesome.

    Can we have another?

    By the way, I just recently featured Kate’s cakes skills on my own blog:

  4. mixtapesmixtapes


  5. mixtapesmixtapes

    uh, you guys gotta check out Kirstin’s blog. she pair’s Kate’s cakes with appropriate wines. yeooooozahhhh!!!

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