everything you thought you heard

Not sure how many of you have had the chance to watch the movie TWINS lately but goddamn this is a cinematic masterwork. It’s been playing on cable recently and I must say that this ranks right up there with PREDATOR as one of Arnie’s finest performance. You gotta love the versatility of our Governor. Doesn’t matter if he’s acting across an alien with dreadlocks or Danny Devito, Arnie delivers the goods. And yes, I am currently unemployed.

Which brings me to Lucas McFadden, AKA CUT CHEMIST, who is also enjoying a run as a cinematic force. His career might not be as distiguished as The Gov’s but there he is on my Pay-Per-View. Gotta give it up to Jason Reitman for casting LA’s favorite beat chemist in the role of a Chemistry teacher allowing Cut to find the role within himself. Inspired.

This is the LITMUS TEST, a mix Cut put out around 2005(?) and contains samples of everything he had ever worked on prior to that. I’m not usually into this ACTOR/DJ trend, but this thespian’s got skillz!!!


UPDATE: Sorry, posted the wrong file…we’re all good now.



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3 responses to “everything you thought you heard

  1. J1

    These are the tracks from the ‘Audience’ LP, no?

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    sorry bout that…little file mix up over here! should be good now. thx

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