diggers delight

I am a reformed WAX POETICS junkie. I’m not afraid to say it. For a while I couldn’t get it out of my head; I needed to own them all and apparently I was not alone. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has picked one up feels the same. This magazine is so damn necessary. I mean, if you like good music and that sort of thing.

So when my man Libbie hipped me to their weekly mixes on eastvillageradio.com I was a little hesitant to opening myself up like that. I didn’t want to end up like POOKIE again. This is how it starts. I’ve seen it happen before.

But the music got me in the end. The Wax Poetics crew serves up as good and diverse a mix as you’d expect from the purveyors of such a landmark journal. Funk, hip hop, breaks…it’s all here, just waiting to get you hooked. I’m warning you now: CONTENTS COULD BE HABIT FORMING.




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