we don’t do network

And if you love substance than you love where I lay, but most nga’s love nothin so I made this tape…


With the demise of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, it’s been my long standing policy not to watch NETWORK TV. Which means I’ve “lost out” on many “cultural landmarks” like LOST, THE OFFICE and SEINFELD. People always reference these shows. I guess I’m missing out.

Leave it to our new favorite rapper WALE to actually make me reconsider my stance on network television. His MIXTAPE ABOUT NOTHING, a homage to Seinfeld and put out by 10 DEEP clothing, makes me think that I might actually be missing something by not tuning into a bunch of people in an apartment freaking out about…nothing. Maybe.

But you gotta love how he flips the Seinfeld theme song on the first track of this mix. Genius, genius stuff that reaffirms Wale as the only MC to watch in an increasingly crappy and recycled ocean of hip hop. Yeah I said it.



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